Speak Softly and Carry a Big Rosette

Iocanthos AAR

Ref: Inq/045678499/BI
Author: Electro-Priest Metalus
Subject: After-Action Report
Name: Iocanthos
Location: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis (Scintillan Sub)
Tithe Grade: Exactus Median
Notes: ref-Aristarchus the Seer, ref-tarot cards, attach-bio sample analysis

Mission Details:

This Acolyte and four others were dispatched to Stern Hope on Iocanthos to assist Aristarchus the Seer in his investigation into psychic or warp based disturbances and to ensure the successful consecration of the new cathedral. This acolyte was tasked with gathering data about any phenomena and the elimination of any threats.

Mission Debriefing:

This acolyte and four others made planet fall on Iocanthos at Port Suffering and travelled by surface vehicle to Stern Hope with Senior Inquisitorial Agent Aristarchus the Seer. In route this acolyte collected bio samples from an animated native Ashleen corpse with missing ocular organs and significant trauma to the shoulder and neck, in addition the body showed significant signs of decay, time of death estimated at two weeks. Source of animation was undetermined, ruled out psychic influence, a warp based phenomena is suspected by this acolyte. In route this acolyte stopped with others to investigate a sighting where in a crude and rudimentary fashion a picture of a bird holding a skull burned into the rock. The rock was warm to the touch and the image was created in such a way that it was formed as if by a brand, rather than a series of strokes with a lascutter. This acolyte is unfamiliar with any sanctioned technology capable of this application. The Senior Inquisitorial Agent interpreted this omen as a miracle.

Upon arriving at Stern Hope this acolyte surveyed the area and investigated the genatorium
for malfunctions and troublesome spirits that might be responsible for reported phenomena, cathedral technology was ruled out as a culpable element. The following day as additional investigations were being conducted with the other acolytes an animated corpse of a native predator known as a Hexalid attacked and was dispatched. Investigation of the corpse revealed numerous pre-existing wounds some of which were possibly fatal, and included missing ocular organs. The state of decay was severe. Warp corruption strongly suspected.

The following morning brought the arrival of a local Ashleen warlord and a holy woman. As
the other acolytes attended prayer call at the temple this acolyte stood vigilant and witnessed the initial assault upon the outer gate of Stern Hope. This acolyte repelled the assault by leading the defense of the genatorium, and then defending the faithful Ashleen. The assault was conducted by followers of the Voice, but they attacked without fear or concern for their lives as if driven to madness by the warp. Following the assault the Senior Imperial Agent executed a heretic survivor and drove the Ashleen warlord and holy woman from Stern Hope. In response to an apparent attack upon the Abbot Skae the Senior Imperial Agent ordered the immediate arrest of the Ashleen holy woman. This acolyte travelled with others to the home of the holy woman to affect her arrest while the Senior Imperial Agent oversaw the consecration of the cathedral. The Ashleen holy woman shared information with the others after we repelled an attack by swarms of vermin shale crows. A tome of some type was given unto our scribe detailing ancient and dark secrets of the Ashleen about a people that were there before the Imperia perhaps some sort of xenos that worshipped a dark god known to the Ashleen as Crow Father.

Upon returning to Stern Hope there was much chaos in the Crying Clota we found a data
slate belonging to the Senior Imperial Agent, it appeared as though he and Abbot Skae were under the impression that they saw a vision of St Drusus and that they were to bring about his rebirth. Unfortunately the data slate was badly damaged and this acolyte was unable to retrieve the data from with in it in order for it to be investigated further by the Ordos. At the priory we found many dead clerics fallen in battle with their ocular organs removed. Brother Lamarck the sole survivor was critically wounded. This acolyte was able to stabilize his wounds and prevent his death. He urged us to save the faithful being held in the cathedral.

The cathedral was surging with warp energies, the abbot’s animated and possessed corpse
moved to attack the others, compelling them through some horrific dominance to move towards him and this acolyte was able to resist and attacked the abbot, while the scribe tried to bring the Senior Imperial Agent out of his trance. After the other acolytes broke free from their submission they joined in on the attack and were able stop the warp breach by shooting out the abbot’s eyes. Deamonic possession was suggested by unnatural resistance to weapons fire.

Mission Outcomes:
• Consecration of the temple was interrupted by warp emanation; Abbot Skae and Senior Imperial Agent Aristarchus the Seer were compromised.
• Brother Lamarck and the majority of the faithful were preserved.
• The settlement of Stern’s Hope sustained only minor structural damage and the cathedral will be ready for dedication when a new abbot and additional clergy are transferred.
• Evidence regarding emanation was collected and the threat was thwarted.

Reference 1: Senior Imperial Agent Aristarchus the Seer K.I.A. at cathedral in Stern Hope.

Reference 2: The Emperor’s Tarot cards possessed by the Senior Imperial Agent were
destroyed in the defense of the temple and may have been responsible for his death. The cards gifted by the abbot to the Senior Imperial Agent were reported to have been a relic from St. Drusus. Before the final card of the deck was destroyed this acolyte witnessed strange and unorthodox crystalline circuitry this acolyte was unable to determine the source of the heresy, but suspects it was Xenotech. No samples were recovered.

Attachment 1: Analysis of bio-samples collected during mission.

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