Interrogator-Medicae Sand

Your cell's primary contact point and your only link to the Lord-Inquisitor


Pale, gaunt, and slim, Interrogator-Medicae Sand is a study in sharp angles and straight lines. He moves with a fluid grace that is belied by his stark angularity. His close-cropped black hair is run through with streaks of grey and his features, though seamed, are free of scars or blemishes.

Sand speaks in an almost-nasally tone and usually includes a healthy air of condescension in is mode of speech. His vocabulary and brogue both give the ostensible impression of a well-educated man.


Interrogator-Medicae Sand was your party’s initial contact point for the Holy Ordos. It was on his commission that you investigated and did battle with the Logician forces in downhive Coscarla. It was he who debriefed you afterwards, as well. It should be noted by the original members of the cell that it was also Sand who gave authorization to requisition Drax’s services and smuggle him through the blockade to defend the party from the Logicians’ nightmare servitors.

It was also Sand who gave the cell the Iocanthos charge.

The cell does not currently, as a unit, have contact information for Interrogator-Medicae Sand. He has initiated the contact in all of your dealings thus far.

Interrogator-Medicae Sand

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